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“This is a timely and valuable benefit and I am thrilled to be able to get this rolled out.”

Cynthia Snyder


Top of Virginia Regional Chamber

I own a small business and our employees are responsible for their own insurance. We purchased the Engage Telehealth for all of our employees to give them healthcare they could use.  Due to our current COVID-19 crisis, this has been the most valuable benefit I have provided since I started in business 20 years ago. Engage has been most valuable to our employees with children who have been able to avoid going to the doctor on several occasions.


Chamber Member

I am a nurse and a single mother with 4 kids and great insurance through my work.  I am also taking classes to further my education. My cousin told me about Engage Telehealth two years ago as a way to save time and money.  Since signing up, I have used the app more than 10 times for my kids and myself. I saved over $1,500 by using the services and not going to urgent care or our primary care doctors.  The time saved is so valuable that I can’t overstate how much Engage has helped me and my family.


I’ve been using Engage Telehealth for two years and have saved numerous trips to the doctor. I’ve been able to avoid taking my kids to the doctor, I resolved several personal medical questions for which I would have paid to consult a doctor and I’ve saved hundreds of dollars in co-payments.


I signed up for Engage on a Friday morning and had access to the system and doctors on Saturday morning.  It was so quick and easy that I helped my parents and sister sign up the same day.  


Chamber Member

Recently we had to furlough several employees because of the challenges of Covid-19. A friend in one of my networking groups told me about Engage Telehealth and I purchased this for the employees who were leaving the company so they would have some kind of healthcare. This has been a very painful time and being able to give these people something they can use to take care of themselves and their families has reduced some of the stress they are feeling. I’m very appreciative. 


Chamber Member

I purchased the Engage Telehealth about a year ago and recently found a bump on my wrist that I noticed while driving during a business trip. I was alarmed thinking that this could be some kind of tumor and pulled my car into a rest stop to contact Teladoc.  After taking pictures of the bump and setting up an appointment through the app, I had a call back from a doctor 15 minutes later who’s first words assured me that the bump was not a tumor, but something harmless. If I had not made that call, I would have stressed about the possibilities for the rest of my trip and would’ve paid to go see a doctor at an urgent care. The value of getting almost instant expertise on my phone, for no charge was and is immeasurable for me.


Chamber Member

Before I purchased the Engage Telehealth program, my after hours medical options were the pediatrician after hours schedule or urgent care.  Both of these had a cost and there is nothing I like less than taking my sick kid out of the house to sit with other sick people. Even though we have good insurance, we have saved so much time, money and inconvenience avoiding doctors trips. The time I save using the app versus scheduling appointments and visiting our pediatrician is significant. 


Chamber Member

What I realized quickly after we purchased Teledoc through Engage, was that I could minimize trips to the pediatrician and waiting room, especially during the winter months. There’s nothing I despise more than walking into the doctor's office, and leading my child over into the waiting room to sit with all of the other sick kids and their parents. I now schedule Teladoc appointments to see if it’s necessary to go to the pediatrician. Sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t, but I’ve saved at least three trips in the last six months. 


Our daughter had a rash on her face on a Friday night and I didn’t really want to take her to the doctor.  I had purchased Engage telehealth and had not used it yet. I took pictures of the rash, put my daughter to bed and then scheduled a phone call with Teladoc.  Soon after the doctor called me and told me what the condition was immediately. They prescribed a medication that was available at my pharmacy 30 minutes later. I drove and picked up the prescription while my daughter slept and had it ready for her when she woke up in the morning. She never left the house, saved two hours of time and possibly an urgent care visit.  Fantastic.  


Chamber Member

Two years ago our family was at the beach and my young son had an earache. I took him to an urgent care in the nearest town, which was 40 minutes away. We waited two hours in the waiting room and saw a nurse practitioner for five minutes. The bill I received was for $300 because they had used the wrong billing code. It took me a year to get this resolved through multiple phone calls.  Terrible experience. Last spring, I signed up for Engage telehealth and last summer my daughter had an earache. I set up a Teladoc call on which the doctor diagnosed an ear infection. I picked up the prescription and my daughter stayed home, never going to a doctor’s office. There was no charge for the appointment and my drugs were discounted through the Engage prescription program. 


Last week I set up an appointment for a rash on my leg.  The doctor called me back three minutes later. The rash was diagnosed and I had a prescription sent to my pharmacy. The whole process, from scheduling the appointment to hanging up with the doctor took seven minutes. This is all the more shocking to me because we are in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis. This is a true story. :)


Chamber Member

I don’t have insurance and using Engage Telehealth has helped me get medical answers for two different issues and I avoided going to the Urgent Care. 


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